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Tell us what you need to wash, how and when you need it picked up and dropped off.
Laundry Service Puerto Vallarta

We make it simple.

The service fee is $20
The first 3 Kilograms are $5 & each additional kilogram is $1.25

A large full backpack is about 3 kilograms, which is weighed once it arrives on site & provide you a receipt electornically, allowing you to check the up to minute status of your wash.

We'll deliver your clothes secured, to specification folded and fresh !!!

(Additional fees due apply for blankets, large covers and other larger items)

Personal Cooks for any occasion

Wake up to a delicious breakfast & follow it up with a traditional and amazing lunch with breathtaking authentic Mexican tastes Tell us about your pallet.

Maid | House Cleaning Service

If you just need to clean the place up after a wild night or need someone to come in routinely, we can do that for you Schedule a Cleaning..