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Vallarta || Banderas Bay Local Real Estate
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Average Monthly Expenses
Median Home Price
Median Home Price
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Crime Comparison
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Puerto Vallarta/Banderas Bay's real estate market has a strong resemblance to two real estate markets in the US, one which is one of the most solid, the other which is one of the fastest growing and its roots are common. Puerto Vallarta is undoubtedly a tourist city serving visitors from the far east, Scandinavia, and of course North America's, who make up a high majority of real estate purchase in the area. The Vallarta economy has traditionally been heavily depended by the American tourism and as the America economy crumbled, it impacted the local economy here in the states of Nayarit and specifically Puerto Vallarta located in the state of Jalisco which is also supported by the tourism from highly populated cities such as Guadalajara and Mexico City which storm the beaches of Banderas Bay from as south as Mismaloya to as far north as Sayulita for several weeks during the spring and summer months.

  • Ceiling Art
  • Lit Curtain
  • Ornamental Lights
Vallarta Average Condo Sale Price Banderras Bay Vallarta Developer Inventory

Surprisingly though as the American dollar was weakened, it has been the Canadians who have made up 75% of sales in the area since 2010. Mexicans prefer areas: such as Nuevo Vallarta or the Hotel Zone high rises. They Already have what many Canadians or Americans are looking for-the quaint plazas and Villages with cobblestone streets-back home in or near Guadalajara or in the Bajio region; They want something that looks more like Miami.

There are 2 markets in Banderas Bay, the cobblestone street homes with incredibly unique floor plans, entrance ways, terraces, view points and old plumbing where there is an active market of re-sells compared to a slow but steady sale of newly developed modern homes developed in the form of high rise Miami style living and elegant sheik and comfortable communities of Nuevo Vallarta.

City Comparison
San Francisco, Las Vegas & Puerto Vallarta
Compare San Francisco Las Vegas and Puerto Vallarta
Average Price Per Square foot
Average Medium Sales Price

The difference between Vallarta and this revived American city is this, although they both suffer from hot weather conditions, Vallarta's humidity is tolerable and is offset by its lush tropical green mountains, fluid rivers, and miles of ocean coast and amazing sunsets. More importantly, as the American economy burst the bubble in Las Vegas and prices fell by almost 40% hemorrhaging the city and fighting a 22% unemployment rate, Vallarta in that period did not grow as it had during the good years but its prices mainly stayed steady for homes under $2.5 million (pesos, roughly $190k) and remained steady although developers were just as busy in places like Nuevo Vallarta as they were in Vegas before the crash and there was a good number of available homes for sale. So as Las Vegas posts record growth patterns, home values having gone up 25.1% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 6.3% within the next year and is trying to get back to where it was! Vallarta is picking up where it left off as did San Francisco and its surrounding region commonly referred to as the 'Bay Area'. Although most of Vallarta's pricing is far below the million dollar price tags of San Francisco, its low risk investment capitol and upside in this still growing market is a huge factor of why it makes it a buyers market. Plus, without the neon lights your just stuck in the middle of the desert!

Median Home Value
(Apr 2014)
% last year
1 yr. Forecast
5 Year Low Median Home Value
San Francisco
14% up
4 % up
$663 (2012)
Las Vegas
25% up
6 % up
$107 (2012)
Puerto Vallarta
7 % up
6 % up
$223 (2011)


Marina Vallarta Real Estate Opportunity


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Exotic Marina Vallarta

This home is located in the admired Vallarta Marina which offers an exotic lifestyle and choices of great Vallarta Golfrestaurants, spa's, and a beautiful setting. A master bedroom, office or guest room, kitchen with lively views, a nice living area and a community pool is all just 15 minutes away from 'centro'.

Nuevo Vallarta Beach Front

This prestigious Nuevo Vallarta home offers amazing views of your beach front home which Vallarta Golfoffers master bedroom with a private bath, spacious beautiful kitchen, a comfortable living room and a balcony will you spent much of your time over looking the amazing Pacific Ocean.

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