Know when and what Fish arrive to the Puerto Vallarta Banderas Bay Waters.

Puerto Vallarta has Great Fishing

Vallarta Fishing

Discover World Famous Fishing Waters

Banderas Bay has an amazing erray of small tropical, prehistoric looking, to large game fish ranging from Red Snappers, to Tunas, Marlins and some bigger than you!

Discover these amazing fishing waters with a day long fishing tour of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

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Puerto Vallarta Day Adventures

Hidden Beach; Las Marietes Islands

The beaches are really hidden at Las Marietes Islands, and the experience is breath taking. For the time you are there, you are living a fantasy.

But in addition there are great beaches from Mismaloya, Playa Palmaras, to the closer beaches in Centro to the baeutiful beaches that curb Banderas Bay into Nayarit.

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